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Friday, July 29, 2005

Vivekananda Deemed University

The university in Swamiji's name has at last seen the light of day. Swamiji's prophesy about Belur Math becoming a 'great university' has come true at long last. The formal inauguration of this university took place on 4 July 2005, the day of Swamiji's Mahasamadhi, besides being the American independence day. It was on this day that Swamiji wrote his famous poem 'To the Fourth of July' and gifted it to some of his American disciples. His prophesy about the university, "The spiritual impact that has come to Belur [Math] will last fifteen hundred years, and it shall be a great university. Do not think I imagine it; I see it', was pronounced just two days he passed away, that is, on 2 July 1902 (as recorded in Miss McLeod's reminiscences of Swamiji).

Conact Details:
Swami Atmapriyananda
Vice-Chancellor of the Vivekananda (deemed) university
Vivekananda Sabhagriha Campus,
PO Belur Math, Dist Howrah - 711202
West Bengal, India (Telefax: 033-26549999)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Gahananandaji's address: Research institute

The following is the address by Revered Swami Gahananandaji
Maharaj delivered/read out during the inauguration of
Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research
Institute at Belur Math

4 July 2005

I am very happy to inaugurate the Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute. Nearly a hundred years ago Swami Vivekananda showed the close connection between culture and education. Wherever there is a great culture, you will find behind it, a highly developed system ofeducation. Ancient India could produce a great culture because it developed awonderful system of education.

In those days, people took education seriously. In the Taittiriya Upanishad, we find a discussion on what true tapas is. The opinion of the Vedic Rishi is: "swadhyaya pravacana eva-eti" - "study and teaching alone" constitute true tapas. Education itself is the best tapas, that is, the best form of human effort.

According to Swami Vivekananda, the basic purpose of education is the total development of human personality. Everyone is endowed with certain capacities, which remain dormant, although in a potential form, in childhood. Swami Vivekananda believed education is the process by which these inherent potentialities in human personality manifest themselves in completing his or her total development.

This total development of human personality includes intellectual and moral development. Most of the present day school and college curriculum only aim at intellectual development. It is in this field that western science, technology and commerce have attained tremendous success.

Science is systematic pursuit of knowledge at empirical level. The scientific method gives a very good training to the mind. It was by applying the scientific method that western countries made tremendous advancement in technology and acquired great wealth and power.

Swami Vivekananda was one of the first among religious teachers to understand the importance of science and technology. In the first place, Swamiji saw that poor countries like India would be able to overcome poverty and backwardness only by mastering technology. Secondly, Swamiji saw that science is not contradictory to the eternal spiritual principles, which is the foundation of Indian culture. Both Science and eternal religion are concerned with truth. Science seeks truth in the physical world, whereas religion seekstruth in the spiritual realm. Thus, religion and science are complementary.

The other primary purpose of education is to build character and to enable people to lead moral lives. However, this is precisely the field where most of the modern systems of education have failed. Swami Vivekananda has given a new definition of morality. To quote his words, "The only definition that can be given of morality is this: that which is selfish is immoral, and that which is unselfish is moral". For Swamiji unselfishness and service are not mere matters of rules and regulations but of reality. If God dwells in all beings as the Supreme Self, if every man is potentially divine, then to serve God in man or man as God is the best form of worship. To quote Swamiji's own words: "It is a privilege to serve mankind, for this is the worship of God. God is here in all these human souls. He is the soul of man." (C.W.I. 424)

I am happy to note that the deemed university named after SwamiVivekananda is not only meant for intellectual development by providing opportunities for education in the disciplines of arts and sciences, but also for the moral enhancement of masses by its stress on the less traversed areas of Disability Management, Rural Development, Disaster Management etc.

I offer my humble prayers to Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi and Swamiji, for the continued accomplishment of this institution. May the noble ideals that the Vivekananda Deemed University stands for be fully realized in the lives of all those who are going to be connected with this institution.

Thank you.

Swami Vireshwarananda

Shrimat Swami Vireshwaranandaji Mj.


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