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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Find of Ramakrishnanandaji at Bangalore

Friday, May 12, 2006

Swami Umeshanandaji is no more

Most Revered Srimat Swami Umeshanandaji Maharaj, a senior Sannyasin member of Ramakrishna Mission TB Sanatorium near Tupudana passed away at 12.45 pm on 7th May 2006. He was 84. He was suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease with old age ailments.

His mortal coil was consigned to flames today at 9 in the morning. The final rites were performed at "Panchavati" within the Sanatorium campus. On this solemn occasion, Sannyasins and Brahmacharins of Morabadi Ashrama and Sanatorium, Swamijis of Tupudana Advait Swarup Ashram, devotees from Ranchi and local adivasi admirers with employees of the Sanatorium were present in good number.

Swami Umeshanandaji has dedicated his life for the service of TB patients since 1962. He was popularly called Durga Maharaj. He was born in a place near Mangalore of Karnataka state on 20th February 1923.

He left Indian Army service and joined Ramakrishna Mission, Belur Math. He was given Mantra Diksha by the fifth President of Ramakrishna Order Srimat Swami Virajanandaji Maharaj. Later in 1959 he was initiated into Sannyasa by the sixth President Srimat Swami Shankaranandaji Maharaj.

It is said that Swami Shaswatanandaji Maharaj of Belur Math told Durga Maharaj in 1962 “to go and serve the poor and suffering TB patients and die there in harness”. During his long forty-four years of extraordinary service, Durga Maharaj never went outside. He was fully engrossed in the patient matters like admission of patients, preparation of patient files, making ready discharge certificates etc. He knew every patient by his name and address.

Straight forward and simple, Durga Maharaj was indeed highly popular among the local Adivasi public. No one would forget to meet this smiling Swami and make pranams to him. His admirers are now spread all over the country who would take his welfare information off and on.

The Secretary of the Sanatorium Swami Vimokshananda further said that a “Sadhu Bhandara” along with a Vishesha Puja of Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna and also Prasad feeding to all in-patients, employees and devotees has been arranged at Sanatorium Ashrama premises on Friday, 19th May in honour of the departed soul. A Smritisabha will also be conducted preceding the Bhandara. It is expected that Sadhus from Bihar and Jharkhand branch centres of Ramakrishna Mission are likely to attend the Bhandara.