Shri Ramakrishna

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Swami Tyagishanandaji’s tremendous faith in Sri Ramakrishna

(Art by Shri Purushottama Karant)

One day I requested Swami Tyagishanandaji to permit me to collect some donations for the ensuing birthday of Sri Ramakrishna. He forbade me so I kept quiet. After some days, one evening, a jatka (horse driven cart) came to the Ashrama with groceries and vegetables. A devotee was present with Swamiji at that time. Swamiji asked the devotee to enquire the details from the jatkawala (cart man). Jatkawala informed that the goods were sent by the owner of a grocery store to the Ashrama. However, Swamiji thought that I might have arranged it. So he asked the devotee who was with him to go to the store and find out the truth. The owner of the store came to the Ashrama and told Swamiji that the goods were his donation in kind for the birthday of Sri Ramakrishna. The gift was spontaneous. All were surprised. Swamiji had tremendous faith in Sri Ramakrishna.

He knew that the Lord was the doer and all others were only instruments.